Books Reading the Times and the Future,
Books Giving Pleasure and Emotion.

A book could change the path of one’s life. Books have force to do that. The force make us look into the inside of ourselves and watch the outside with deep concern. Lives of all of us would be expanded and more abundant with books. We EunHaeng NaMu Publishing co. endeavor to make books truly satisfying readers’ desire even it might be only one person as well as provoking interchange and sympathy among readers.

EunHaeng NaMu is named after a viable tree Gingko which is a very useful plant with its leaves and nuts to human. We aspire to bring books making a profound impression and lasting long like the tree. As the motto we head for our destination as the sensible publisher reading various wants of readers precisely, the passionate publisher leading the changes of the times and the reliable publisher never disappointing readers.

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