• February, holding a Book Signing of a Japanese writer Yoshida Shuichi
  • April, A Romantic Movement, the Book of the Month by Korea Publication Ethics Commission
  • Southbound the Korean version of the Japanese, the Book of the Year by Hankyoreh, the Recommended for the Young, the Book of 2006 by Book Daily, the Book of the Year by the citizen reporters and bloger


  • Export copyrights for the series of A Jewel in the Palace (Bestseller #1 in China and Taiwan)
  • A Trapeze the Korean version of Japanese novel, National Bestseller
  • A Trapeze, the Book of the Year by Netizen in Kyobo Books the biggest Bookstore and Naver the biggest internet portal site
  • A Trapeze, the Recommended for the Young and other prizes
  • A Romantic Movement the Korean version of the English, National Bestseller
  • Manners and Customs of Buddhism written by Park Bu Young, the Buddhist


  • April, moving to the present address 384-12 Seokyo-dong, Mapy-gu, Seoul
  • November, launching on a new brand Fandom


  • October, publication a novel, a picture book, a comic book of a famous TV drama A Jewel in the Palace
  • December, the Best e-Book by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism


  • May, publication of a memoir Eternal Libero written by Hong Myung Bo record for National Bestseller #1
  • September, publication a novel Sun Tzu: The Art of War novelized by Jung Bi Seok


  • Launching on a new brand EunHaeng NaMu Children
  • publication of the first children book Christmas With Anne and Other Holiday Stories by Lucy Maud Montgomery


  • July, publication of a novel You Engraved on My Heart written by Kim Min Ki


  • May, publication of a novel A Korean written by Lee Won Ho


  • January, publication of the first book A Strategy for the Seoulite to be a Successful Farmer


  • December 8th, establishment